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Character first, only talented, people-oriented

The concept of talents is the guiding ideology and values of the company that values talents, cares for talents, develops talents reasonably, uses talents, retains talents, and enhances talents.

Since its establishment, our company has been adhering to the "people-oriented" employment concept. On the company's continuous development, we have always been eager for talents, respecting talents, cultivating talents, and reusing talents. In the process of production and operation, we have formed "talents with Siding characteristics". idea".

Great Gruop

Our personnel philosophy is: integrity studious, really hard work, King Kong, love, survival of the fittest, happy work

1, Honest, Studious: integrity constitute the entire people of the country, eager to learn is the mother of success.

2, The really hard work: Germany have talented and practical work hard.

3, King Kong love industry: dedicated to professional, professional competence expert, King Kong, love is a basic professionalism.

4, Survival of the fittest: there is competition, there is progress, capable, the commonplace, fair competition.

5, Happy work: Happy at work, working in a happy, growing at work, in the growth happy to realize things work just to feed their families.

Great Gruop


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